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DC Universe — the place where all the superheroes and their evil counterparts live in peace and harmony. Aaah … such tranquillity! Wait … that must be in an alternate universe. My bad!
As long as the super-villains are up and kicking, it would be rare to see the DC superheroes relax. In view of the immense love that we have for these superheroes, we’ve scoured the interwebs to bring you some of the best wallpapers from the DC Universe.
Hope you enjoy them!
Many well-known names have played the role of the mighty Superman, including Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh, Kirk Alyn, and Henry Cavill.
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Spoiler Alert! If some reports are to be believed, the immortal demigoddess can, in fact, die? If we heard the reports right, Superman is to be blamed for it.
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How fast can the Flash move?
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Catwoman’s first appearance was in 1940 in Batman #1. Unfortunately, she didn’t get her own comic book until 1993.
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Did you know while shooting for Batman Begins, a drunk driver apparently thought the Batmobile to be an alien spacecraft? Yeah, he crashed into it!
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Hawkman’s first appearance was in the year 1940 (Flash Comics #1).
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Did you know that Victor Stone, the Cyborg, attended the Gotham City University before he was involved in an almost fatal accident?
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Tell us who is the arch enemy of the Green Lantern?
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Did you know that Christopher Nolan had to approve Flash’s appearance on Arrow, the TV show?
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Aquaman traditionally fights his enemies off with his golden trident. If you noticed, the trident got replaced with a quindent in Justice League.
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Did you know that Nightwing, aka Dick Grayson, was the original Robin?
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So, which one of these wallpapers will grace your desktop? Let us know in comments section.
Last updated on 03 February, 2022
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