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The lads of Borderlands are back, and this time it’s more exciting than the last. Whether it’s the two-legged mech of Moze, the super-powered drones of Zane, the telekinetic Amara or the master of the beast aka of FL4K. And with Borderlands 3, all of them team up to fight the evil Calypso Twins — Troy and Tyreen, the YouTubers from the future.
Did you know that there are plenty of secrets hidden in the Borderlands 3 trailer? These secret codes in morse code or ciphers in plain English. And if you are lucky, it can give you the key to unlock a character’s skin or looter’s chest. Interesting, right?
The best part is that some of these codes also work for the older Borderlands games. So, have you discovered any such secret shift codes in Borderlands 2?
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This mask has been an iconic face of Borderlands since past few games. Do you like this new details in the design?
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Did you know that the full name of Lilith is Dr. Lilith Cashlin? What’s more, her title is Mercenary Scientist.
This Siren’s primary skill is Phasewalk, through which she can turn invisible to her enemies. And on top of that, it gives her the ability to move faster and cause more damage. Cool, I’d say!
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Umm… what is Zane fighting?
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Did you know that the bounty on Gaige’s head is around eight hundred twenty billion dollars? If you look around, that’s one of the highest bounties in Borderlands. Can you tell us why the bounty is so high? If yes, you know where the comment section is!
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Are you looking for a simple wallpaper for your desktop? If yes, this one here is one of your best shot. The black background will be soothing to your eyes, while the central element of the image will play right to your heartstrings.
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Undoubtedly, Borderlands has an insane number of guns. From its legendary sniper rifles to drones, the arsenal is power-packed. What’s your favorite weapon?
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This image of FL4K is perfect to bring a splash of color to your desktop. Also, you can rekindle your love for Borderlands. With the wandering robot on the right side, you can rest assured that the mighty beastmaster won’t be covered with ugly icons. Also, the neon green kind of looks super cool, right?
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Drones are not the only thing that Zake uses like a pro. This operative is also an equal expert in using clones and barriers to distract and fire at enemies (and win the battle in the process).
Another interesting ability is named ‘Like a Ghost’ that allows the hitman to ignore and dodge bullets.
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As you may already know, you can tweak your Borderlands character — Amara, FL4K, Moze and Zane — to your liking. Plus, Borderlands 3 also lets you transfer or reassign your skill points if you are not happy with the present skill.
But before you get down to all the game details, which character would you choose? Will it be the mighty Amara or the weapon-wielding Moze?
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Borderlands 3 has been in development since 2015, and the official trailer surfaced on March 2019. Then finally on September 2049, the game was finally released. And being a weapon-heavy game, it’s touted to have over a billion guns.
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The master of pets, the tamer of enemies – there are many names that FL4K is known by. This pet-based Beastmaster class robot can command pets and fight alongside them as well. And that’s not the end of the story. These pets stay with FL4K until their death. Well, if that’s not loyalty, I don’t know what is!
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Why spare your phone’s home screen from your love for Borderlands 3? With its cool oil finish, this image will motivate you to finish your work faster to catch up on yet another game of this loot game.
Just remember not to crowd the bottom with app shortcuts, and you should be sorted!
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These were some of the best wallpapers of this exciting shooter-looter game. Also, did you know that the makers are ready with a Halloween-theme harvest? Scheduled to go live in October, this event will feature a new set of enemies, equipment, quests and of course, a new boss.
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Last updated on 07 February, 2022
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