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Making math lessons fun can be a challenge. A lot of kids find traditional methods of learning math to be confusing, boring, or not worth their time. On top of that, it seems that every time they move between levels of math, the methods and theories have changed!
Number sense activities provide a great way to help your kids learn how to visualize numbers in real-life situations. These activities are geared towards upper-level elementary grade level and are designed to help kids develop their skills while hitting the Common Core Standards.
An app designed for maximum student enjoyment. This puzzle game has students connect the same number throughout the puzzle in a set amount of moves. The longer the chain, the more points they get! It encourages them to strategize and plan ahead before they make their move. Available for Android and iOS.
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Grab some Legos or other building blocks and make fractions fun! This video shows how you can use the different size pieces to help your kids visualize fractions. A great activity to build students’ math skills.
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Don’t have any Legos or building blocks on hand? Grab a blank piece of paper and divide the paper into blank fraction tiles. Have your kids color different fraction amounts. A great way to build their understanding of fractions and how to add and subtract them.
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Help your kids visualize fractions with a simple deck of cards. Have each player flip two cards and place them in a fraction. The largest fraction wins! It’s also a fantastic way for them to learn how to compare fractions.
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This easy activity helps kids with building number relationships. Have your kids add, subtract, divide, or multiply the number of the day. Asking them to draw out the number helps to create a visual picture of what the number looks like in everyday life.
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A great cheat sheet for kids to learn their multiplication tables. Replicate the multiplication charts, but leave the outside circles blank. Then have your kids fill them in! You can choose to focus on one number each day until they learn them all.
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These cards are a popular math resource and a hit with teachers. They help students build their understanding of multiplication. You can easily adapt the cards for addition, subtraction, or division.
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A fun take on a popular card game. Grab a deck of playing cards and remove the face cards. Divide the deck and have your kids each flip the top card. The first one to multiply the numbers gets to keep the cards. Collect the deck to win! Easily adaptable for addition and subtraction.
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Since kids are eager to learn if it involves a game they’re already familiar with, this game adapts Yahtzee to help kids visualize and learn number structures. Choose how many digits to play with based on your kids’ grade level.
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A riff on Go Fish. The goal is to make pairs of cards that divide into one another. For example 6 and 2, or 10 and 5. You can choose to remove the face cards or give them a value.
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Get into the fall spirit with this fun candy corn-themed activity! Simply print and cut out the equations and numbers. Then have your kids match the multiplication and division equations!
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A great way to practice all four math equations. Create 3 sets of small number cards (0-9) and 20 double or triple-digit numbers. Choose 6 or 7 of the small number cards and one large target number. Whoever has the most equations wins!
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Help your kids convert fractions into decimal points with these worksheets. By cutting, coloring, and pasting the strips, your kids will be able to see the abstract concept come to life right in front of their eyes.
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Convert those boring word problems into fun with food! Take the snack of choice and put them into groups. Then have your kids add or subtract from one pile to the other. Or have them divide a big group into equal smaller piles.
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Give your kids a real-world example for their math problems. Combine learning decimals with addition and subtraction in this simple game. The first one to make a dollar from change wins!
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