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Learning happens at any age; however, for kids to learn well and build a good foundation on which they will use throughout their school years and beyond, they need to start learning when they’re young. Gaining new skills is like walking up a set of steps. First, kids must learn to walk, and then as they walk up the stairs, one skill builds on the prior, and so on.
To master a kid’s skillfulness in a quick and efficient manner, practicing at home can make all of the difference. Taking some time to use the following first-grade workbooks will help make learning enjoyable and will improve their skill sets in writing (including handwriting), reading, math, social studies, and science.
Among the many educational print books for kids, this particular workbook used for kindergarten through first-grade handwriting instruction is an all-encompassing workbook offering kids practice with writing, even on various sizes of lines. It may be a good idea to use when including cross-curricula writing into your lesson plans.
The grade-level activities included in this workbook create learning with a purpose. These activities help students learn through practice and repetition. This resource offers a word-practice and activity combination for children, including videos, games, and interactive exercises designed by handwriting experts to teach them new words and improve their writing skills.
Scholdeners’s workbook includes learning materials that use riddles, jokes, and motivational words of encouragement. The age-appropriate activities include first-grade writing practice in parts. In this step-by-step learning program, kids begin by learning to write the letters of the alphabet and end with mastering the writing of full sentences.
Practice vocabulary, grammar, sentence writing, and paragraph writing in Kumon’s Writing Workbook. Kumon’s theory is that kids learn best when focusing on one skill at a time using a fun activity. First-grade students’ handwriting instruction in this book includes days of curriculum-based exercises to keep them involved in their learning.
With 40 ready-to-use pages of standard-based writing activities, Scholastic Success with Writing will immerse students in independent writing activities. The directions are easy-to-follow and the activities motivating. This workbook will help students begin their journey to conquering the writing process on their own.
In this workbook, students practice writing to get stronger at communicating effectively. Learners will discover new words and phrases through fun activities and games. It includes interesting, open-ended writing tasks and grade-appropriate practices (with answers). This resource will help students learn basic grammar skills such as spelling, punctuation, and more.
Beat summer learning loss with this workbook that provides focused phonics practice and covers the essentials for identifying and understanding the many sounds of the alphabetic system. It includes curriculum-aligned exercises from first-grade vocabulary lists for each lesson to worksheets designed to help students practice their new reading skills.
Supplemental learning tools such as this teacher-approved workbook gives students the advantage of learning beginner vocabulary and moving on to mastering these skills. This workbook uses sight words in a variety of activities for children including using the words in context and proofreading activities.
With this workbook, kids learn sight words through delightful activities and games. Sight words are commonly used words like “of,” “the”, and “you” that cannot be taught using traditional methods. They must instead be memorized. In this workbook, children practice writing the words and using them in a sentence.
A standards-based first-grade workbook mimicking the Star Wars saga, this workbook engages students’ learning with activities including skills such as word recognition, making connections, and basic reading comprehension. It is equally wonderful for first-grade classrooms or home use.
Created by teachers, 180 Days of Reading for First Grade is perfect for remote learning opportunities as well as classroom learning. The days of activities in this workbook cover everything from phonics to word recognition to reading comprehension. As a bonus, there are writing activities included as an accompanying activity.
Allow students some self-directed learning as they use skill-based practice with activities aligned to state standards. The kid-friendly, teacher-reviewed exercises in this workbook will keep your student motivated and learning to comprehend what they are reading.
This reading comprehension workbook, with an answer key for home or school use, engrosses students in both fiction and nonfiction passages. As a first-grade writing workbook, students will delve into key ideas and details along with the integration of knowledge and concepts of both genres.
With bright colors and engaging activities, this resource is perfect for readers who need extra practice before they tackle their next chapter. It includes a range of exercises designed to help students improve their reading skills by strengthening their understanding of English vocabulary, grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and comprehension.
With The Big Book of Reading Comprehension Activities, students will learn to read and improve their comprehension skills. Its fun activities and engaging questions offer students a way to develop their writing skills. Children will learn the different parts of a story, how to pose questions about what they’ve just learned, and more!
With hands-on activities and math exercises, TinkerActive’s Workbook for math is perfect for the first-grade classroom or home use. Kids become tinker engineers with the accompanying activities in this book. This workbook covers basic math skills essential for first graders as well as problem-solving skills.
Students will concentrate on their basic math skills as they complete the focused exercises and tests that follow state standards in this workbook. Diagnostic tests accompanying Spectrum’s Math Workbook include pre-and post-tests, mid and final tests. This workbook can be used for homeschooling or school classrooms.
First-grade math topics such as number operations, geometry, and measurements, as well as time and money skills, fill this huge workbook; it’s like getting three workbooks in one with the number of engaging math activities this workbook provides.
This Star Wars Math Workbook follows National Common Core Standards as it engages students in math practice with its characters, starships, and more. Kids will complete fun activities as they learn place value and word problems, among other basic math skills.
Practice basic addition skills with this interactive math workbook from Kumon. Aligned with state standards, Kumon’s workbook takes students through a progression of activities so as to build a good foundation of math skills.
Kumon’s Subtraction workbook is perfect for homeschooling or classroom use. Its step-by-step method allows students to master a concept before moving on. The activities are engaging and meant to help students learn without frustration.
Motivate students with this math workbook by Scholastic. With engaging activities and easy-to-follow directions, this workbook can be used at home or at school. The pages are reproducible and the activities are aligned to state standards.
Kids can practice anywhere with this workbook filled with must-know math skills. The colorful pages and fun activities will keep students engaged. This workbook is filled with curriculum-aligned exercises and is also comprehensive.
With each page of this geography workbook, your child will learn something new and get an understanding of concepts he/she has already learned. With its seven continents, fifty-plus countries, and capital cities from across the globe, this activity book will help kids learn about the world they live in!
With this classroom workbook, teachers get weekly geography lessons that help kids develop their geographical skills and learn new concepts quickly. In addition to developing their map and spatial skills and answering text and photo-dependent questions, students will study five thematic elements of geography.
With activities that make learning last longer than ever before, this workbook has geography games and exercises for school and home use. It was made for first graders to support classroom skills that help students master the national standards.
Students can practice science every day during the school year. This valuable science workbook offers teachers and homeschoolers weekly science lessons that help develop their students’ academic skills and prepare them for success in school.
This workbook provides an introduction to scientific thinking. The book covers such things as animals moving, muscles, bones, hearts, teeth, fossils, and more. Designed by educators for educators, this workbook provides students with engaging activities that help them understand concepts through hands-on practice.
Explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) at home with this workbook by Scholastic. This comprehensive science resource includes interesting topics in Earth, Life, and Physical Sciences. There are articles for building background knowledge, project ideas, companion recordings, and tips. It is a great resource for parents.
Begin by covering the basics of first-grade science and problem-solving with this workbook. Students will complete exciting hands-on tinkerings, making, and engineering projects using only commonly available household items, which helps children learn concepts with enthusiasm and fun. Great for classroom or home use.
Writing, reading, math, social studies, and science come alive for students when they practice with materials that captivate their attention and help them build confidence in their learning. These workbooks for kids are a wonderful addition to any student’s learning environment. Having an additional learning resource for any subject is a key way to help students succeed in their education. Learning never stops when students are engaged.
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