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Veterans Day is an important part of American History where we remember and honor the men and women who have served and fought for freedom in the Armed Forces of the United States. Here are some fun math-focused activities to complete with your students to show the importance of the day whilst still learning some key skills from the math curriculum.
Using codes and numbers is a creative way of identifying numbers for younger learners. These ‘Color by Numbers’ activities are an easy way to help your students practice this skill in a simplistic way, with very little prep from teachers!
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For our younger members, a cut-and-match counting activity, incorporating military uniforms and poppies, gives your students the opportunity to practice basic counting and skip counting. When they have completed their puzzle they will have two veterans holding poppies to display.
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What does the number 11 mean to your students? What can your students deduce about the number 11? Can they display it in different ways?
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These simple one-digit division problems correspond to colors which when complete will create the American flag which students can display either at home or in school.
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For younger students, it can sometimes be difficult to explain the importance of Veterans Day. These counting mats are a great way for young learners to complete a fun activity and see some Veteran Day imagery.
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Ensure that you are still covering the standards during Veterans Day with these easy-to-use fraction worksheets. Includes word problems and handy tips on how to solve them.
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These handy worksheets will be useful for younger children learning basic addition, number frames, and missing numbers, whilst following a Veteran Day theme to spark questions about the significance of the day.
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This fun dice game allows students to practice addition whilst being exposed to visuals from Veterans Day; allowing them to ask questions and discuss what they know with their friends and peers. 
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Students fill in the blanks using a range of counting (skip, counting in 1s and 5’s) to complete the Veterans Day-themed worksheet. You could link these numbers to key facts about Veterans Day to make this activity more significant.
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This activity allows students to practice counting Veteran Day-themed items and graphing them onto a simple bar graph. This incorporates math skills of counting and recording data. There are also further tips for differentiation and scaffolding for a variety of learners. 
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Practice coordinates with this straightforward activity. Students are required to locate each of the coordinates on the worksheet and connect them alphabetically to create a Veterans Day picture. 
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Use these examples and share them with your students to inspire them to create their own number of infographics about Veterans Day or certain events throughout American and military history. There are lots of scopes here for inquiry and independence!
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Simple yet effective! This flag worksheet tests basic addition knowledge for our younger elementary learners. This could then lead to further questioning about the American flag and the significance of the day for many Americans.
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Whilst not strictly mathematics, this bingo activity will certainly test counting skills and will give younger students an opportunity to have some fun with a brain break in math class. 
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Combine math and art! This worksheet requires students to plot the points to accurately create a poppy on graph paper. This worksheet will help develop coordination and geometry skills.
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For children learning to read numbers 1 through 100, this is a great opportunity to test their knowledge. Shout out colors and numbers for your learners to color in certain numbers to reveal the hidden picture. Great fun for lower elementary
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One for the little ones! This will be a great activity when working on ordering numbers. They can color in and discuss the important role of soldiers. 
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Students need to use their multiplication skills to find the answers and crack the code. This activity is remembrance-themed to create some discussion after the activity.
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For students requiring a little more support, these simple counting and ‘how many’ worksheets will be useful when reinforcing basic math skills whilst encouraging students to ask questions about the poppy.
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This lesson uses more geometry-based math learning; using the events of Pearl Harbour to teach area and perimeter. Students are required to work out various problems using key math skills.
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Learn how to make origami poppies! Students will need to show accuracy when measuring and cutting out their squares to be able to make these successfully; practicing their measurement skills as they work.
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Introduce volume and area to your students by making simple poppies using snap cubes. Can the students calculate the volume of their poppies based on the cubes they used? Can they create any other Veteran Day objects and work out the volume of these too? Is there a formula they can deduce?
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For older elementary students, analyzing maps and creating graphs using these would be a great and valuable math lesson. For example, mapping how many veterans there are per state and writing conclusions about their findings. 
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Similar to using maps as in the previous activity, use the US Map to calculate how many veterans live in each state and ask the students to create a simple bar chart displaying the number of veterans in each state; from highest to lowest. They can then color code their maps to depict their findings in a clear manner. 
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Students could create their own questionnaires to gather information about veterans in their school community. Students can then transfer their data onto pie charts. 
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A Veterans Day worksheet that will ensure your students can still have the opportunity to practice their addition techniques! This example contains two-column addition and a creative element to add some color and pattern to the mix. 
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This simple activity can easily be adapted to follow a Veteran Day theme. Students can learn numbers and count with simple images of Veteran’s Day to capture their imagination. You can learn how to set up this simple activity using the link below.
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Always favorite, logical sudoku puzzles are a great way to practice math skills such as logic and problem-solving. This Veterans Day puzzle also has an added challenge as not all the sections are in perfect squares!
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Practice measuring and shaping skills when making a poppy. Learners are required to read the instructions carefully before measuring and constructing their poppy. Students can explore the shapes they have created, ask questions and deduce answers relating to symmetry and rotation.
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Why not ask the students to create their own Veteran Day-inspired math worksheets to share with the class, using some of the previous ideas as examples? Students can take turns teaching each other and you! 
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