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How many parents of middle school students are absolutely stumped when their children bring home their math homework? How many math teachers are looking for new ways to review math concepts in the classroom? We have access to so many educational resources and most of the time, we don’t even know about them. That’s why we’ve rounded up (pun intended) thirty-two math apps for you to use with your children or students.
Sometimes our students need a little extra practice with mathematical concepts. These apps are perfect for some at-home practice with their parent’s help or guidance.
IXL Learning is both an app and a web-based activity. Gain access to curricula from all grade levels and even algebra, geometry, and calculus.
Learn more: IXL Learning
Khan Academy is a great option for students to practice the math topics they are struggling with. This is a free service for both learners and teachers. They offer math help for levels from pre-kindergarten all the way to college. They also have options to prepare the students for their next grade or math class.
Learn more: Khan Academy
If your calculus students are struggling, give them Calculus FTW. This app provides steps and solutions to solve example problems and additional assistance when needed.
Learn more: Calculus FTW
If you check out app ratings, the ratings for Slopes are extremely high at 4.9 stars. This app comes with graph problems to practice with as well as the capability to add your own problems to the app. If you’re struggling with graphing equations, check this one out.
Learn more: Slopes
Despite this app being targeted for elementary students, it can easily be used as an eighth grade math app. With DoodleMaths, you’re able to create learning programs tailored to your individual school students and children. It’s common core aligned and designed for ten-minute work sessions.
Learn more: Doodle Learning
While our school students love games, we as parents or teachers love game-based learning programs. These options will keep your middle schooler entertained while also stretching their mind a little.
The Math Learning Center has many free, self-paced, web-based programs or downloadable apps for IOS. Students of all learning levels can practice many math topics such as fractions, clocks, multiplication, and geometry.
Learn more: The Math Learning Center
With Math Slither, you can select your grade and what skill you want to work on. Use the snake to collect the correct answer to each question. Questions gain difficulty as you advance further in the levels.
Learn more: Math Slither
The Kahoot! Dragon Box apps are available with your Kahoot! subscription. They have multiple apps available for a range of grade levels. The more advanced games cover algebra and geometry topics.
Learn more: Kahoot! Dragon Box
Edupad 6th-Grade Math Software now extends to 7th and 8th grade as well. With iTooch Math, many math games are available for a variety of topics and discounts are available for bulk school purchases.
Learn more: eduPad Inc.
Experts at the University of Colorado Boulder developed this app full of math simulations and games. Their simulations include number lines, ratio and proportion, fractions, and area. The website even has videos available for teachers to provide ideas on how to implement PhET Simulations in their classrooms.
Learn more: PhET Simulations
If you’re ready to give your middle school student a little more freedom, have them check out these role-playing games. Even though they will be playing a fun game, they will still be getting their math practice in.
AzTech doesn’t only utilize math but also history. The app is bilingual so your students can play in Spanish or English. The students can practice fractions and statistics as they are traveling back in time. This app is recommended for fifth grade through seventh grade.
Learn more: AzTech
In this game, your students are farmers leveling up by getting their math questions correct. This game is targeted at middle school and junior high levels. The free version includes very basic questions, but the full game includes math topics such as geometry, fractions, equations, and statistics.
Learn more: Oddrobo Software AB
In Prodigy Math, your students get to play inside a fantasy world with quests and battles. They’re able to play with their friends and you are able to get insights into their performance and usage. The game is made for first grade through eighth grade, but the questions are adapted to your student’s learning level.
Learn more: Prodigy Math
Sometimes it is difficult to really judge our student’s comprehension of math topics. Having apps we can use to assess our students is incredibly helpful for us while still being fun for them.
With Dreambox, you get access to standards-aligned math curriculum. You have the ability to tailor lessons to each student’s need and get insights into the student’s math skills and how they are solving the problems.
Learn more: Dreambox
With 99 Math, you can choose a topic and the game generates the questions. Play live in the classroom or assign homework for the students. Let them compete for the highest score in live mode or track their progress and assess their homework.
Learn more: 99 Math
Edulastic provides web-based diagnostic testing. You can assign a test to students and then follow up with activities for practice. The app and tests are free for teachers with an option to upgrade your account for additional reports.
Learn more: Edulastic
Buzzmath helps you motivate your students while challenging them with games and activities to test their math levels. You’re able to send activities to the entire class or to just one student and then provide immediate feedback. Parents can also have access to their child’s stats and games.
Learn more: Buzzmath
I’m truly shocked at how many digital math tools are available. Gone are the days of carrying our big heavy calculators, a compass, and graph paper. These are all available right now on your phone or IPad.
This calculator app can be used for geometry, algebra, statistics, and calculus. Your students will love the 3-D plot feature and you’ll love how easy it is for them to solve problems!
Learn more: This calculator app
Desmos can function as both a graphing calculator and a scientific calculator as well as a matrix calculator and a four-function calculator. Teachers can assign an activity through the app and students can work either alone or in groups.
Learn more: Desmos
Individual graphing calculators can be pretty expensive, but Mathcrack gives access to thirteen different calculators and they all are completely free. You’re able to scan your math problems for help and learn the formulas that match the problems.
Learn more: Mathcrack
Need some virtual graph paper? Check out the app Draft Paper. You have the ability to draw and drag lines and export them to PDF. Your school students will love having this with them wherever they go.
Learn more: Draft Paper
With the Geometry Pad, you can create shapes, copy metrics, and use tools like a compass. Mark your notes with the pencil tool and export them as a PDF. This app is only available for the IPad or computer.
Learn more: Geometry Pad
Brainingcamp provides sixteen different math manipulatives. Whether it’s a clock, algebra tiles, a geoboard, or XY coordinate board, you’ll have instant access to them through this app. Your students can work individually or use live mode for instant connection between the teacher and students.
Learn more: Brainingcamp
These apps are a parent’s best friend. If you struggle with assisting your student with their homework, check out these math solver apps. With the snap of a photo, the app solves the problems for you and provides the solution. It’s dangerous for our school students to have it, but amazing for the parents and math teachers!
Brainly is ranked number thirteen on the education charts in the Apple app store. Not only does it provide a step-by-step solution for the math problems, but there’s also a community of educators and students who are ready to answer questions about any math topic you have.
Learn more: Brainly
This app has over three hundred million downloads and is ranked in the top twenty-five on the education charts in the Apple app store. It’s all over TikTok which means your middle schooler probably already knows about it! Take a picture of any math problem and receive the multi-step solutions instantly.
Learn more: Photomath
MathPapa is designed specifically for algebra. It not only solves your math problems but also provides lessons and practice problems.
Learn more: MathPapa
Socratic is another app that doesn’t give just the answer but also a lesson paired with the problem. The app uses Google AI to find the most relevant lessons for the problem you’re struggling with.
Learn more: Socratic
SnapCalc has the same features as the others but it boasts about recognizing handwritten problems as well as printed problems. You can receive either a simple answer to your problem or a multi-step solution.
Learn more: SnapCalc
This math solver app can be used on the web or as an app. In addition to problem-solving, it also has a graphing calculator and a geometry calculator.
Learn more: Math Solver App
TutorEva is designed specifically for the IPad. Just like the others, you’re able to take a photo and get a solution. She even works with word problems!
Learn more: TutorEva
When your student is done with their games and practice, it’s time to study. There are many apps available with flashcards but these two are our favorites.
I used Quizlet when I was in high school and now I let my students use it as well. The app is number twenty on the education charts in the Apple app store. Quizlet has a wide variety of study decks already made, including math decks. You are able to browse the pre-made subjects or create your own based on your study needs and go from there. Play matching games with the flashcards or even take a mini test to see what you need to work on more!
Learn more: Quizlet
With Brainscape, you can make flashcards, track your student’s progress, and create assignments. The app’s system tracks the student’s progress and targets the areas they are struggling in. Create your own cards or browse their database of subjects and cards.
Learn more: Brainscape
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