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Among Us fans looking for great PC desktop backgrounds have plenty to choose from, as the game has garnered some impressive space fan art.
InnerSloth’s viral indie game, Among Us, has quickly gathered a large fan base over the past few months, earning it 4 billion YouTube views in September. With so many fans of the game across multiple platforms, many are likely looking for the best desktop wallpapers to deck out their PCs with Among Us art.
Blame-tossing, Mafia-like gameplay has made Among Us popular on Twitch and other streaming platforms. Among Us‘ virtualization of social party games may mean COVID-19 has contributed to its success, too, as players unable to gather in-person can play (and watch others play) something that resembles games normally played in the same room with friends.
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Like Animal Crossing: New Horizons before it, Among Us‘ translation of real-world activities into a video game has led to an enthusiastic and active fandom. Those hoping to spread that enthusiasm to their desktop backgrounds are in luck because, as is the case with Among Us mobile wallpapers, that community has delivered plenty of great art to choose from. Follow the source links for each of the images below to find the corresponding full-size wallpapers.
Image Source: Neytirix/DeviantArt (Note: additional Neytirix art in header image.)
Image Source: Wallpapersden
Image Source: UHD Wallpaper
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Image Source: MaternitySignpost/Reddit
Image Source: AnAnomalousWriter/Reddit
Image Source: Wasted_Penguinz/Reddit
Image Source: CrazyChicken284/Reddit
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Image Source: MapleSpyder/DeviantArt
Image Source: ExCharny/Reddit
Image Source: erako/Reddit
Due to Among Us‘ simple art style, fans have been able to come up with a number of different interpretations of its characters and environments. Some wallpapers just utilize the flat, Flash game-style art InnerSloth created, while others, like ExCharny on Reddit, have chosen to turn Among Us‘ colorful crewmates into realistic astronauts. DeviantArt user Neytirix has found particular success with this, producing a widely circulated set of realistic Among Us fan art.
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Other artists have taken Among Us into 3D, as Reddit user iambackit did in a recent Among Us Unreal Engine render. Beyond wallpapers and renders, players have brought Among Us fan art to some unexpected places, including makeup tutorials and a particularly strange form of cosplay. If Among Us‘ popularity continues, there will likely be no shortage of even more odd and interesting fan creations.
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Header Image: MaternitySignpost/Reddit, Neytirix/DeviantArt
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