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[BTS News] BTS Jin, a powerful ‘eldest hyung’s fascinating greeting’ in Europe

BTS’ Jin has proven his strong global popularity in Europe as well.

Recently, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced the ‘2023 Overseas Hallyu Survey Result Report’. According to this, the first image that comes to mind when thinking of Korea abroad is K-POP. BTS, to which Jin belongs, took first place in 24 countries, excluding China and Thailand.

In particular, Jin was the only BTS member in France to be ranked 5th, boasting tremendous popularity and high brand power. Jean’s popularity, which shows her enormous influence around the world, stands out in Europe as well.

Previously, Paris Match, a famous French media outlet, ranked Jin’s “The Astronaut” at No. 4 in the “Top 10 Best Songs of 2022.” The media highly praised “The Astronaut,” co-composed and written by Jin and Chris Martin, saying, “It’s a fascinating greeting from the eldest member of BTS who is ready to start a new adventure while traveling through space like the Milky Way that lights up a dark road.” left a review

The media also paid attention to the fact that Coldplay sang the English version of Jin’s ‘The Astronaut’ on the American TV show SNL on February 7th. Coldplay also came out wearing a T-shirt with the character ‘Wootteo’, which Jin created as part of the album promotion.

“This character is Wootteo, an adorable alien created by Jin to protect ARMY during his absence. The Wootteo doll was always installed near drummer Will Champion’s instrument and accompanied Coldplay on concert stages for months.” In addition to the introduction of the song, the character description and the friendship between Jin and Coldplay were also mentioned in detail.

On the other hand, Jin also showed a dazzling presence in Hungary, Croatia, and Portugal. Jin’s solo song ‘The Astronaut’ is a powerful music source, recording a 14-week chart-in, her longest Asian solo record, on Hungary’s Single Top 40 Chart in the 9th week of 2023. showed power

In the 6th week of 2023, it re-entered the 19th week of the ‘PORTUGUESE CHARTS-ALBUMS TOP 50’ and recorded a chart-in of 4 weeks. This is the second longest chart record for an Asian solo artist, self-renewing a new record set by himself.

In Croatia, it also recorded the second 4-week chart-in in Asia. It also ranked 7th in the 49th week of 2022, the second highest chart ranking after BTS’ ‘Lights’ and ‘Boy With Luv’ as an Asian single album of all time. As such, Jin continues her long-running record in Europe, solidifying her position as a ‘top solo artist’.

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