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Digital DE serves as Delaware’s online hub for best-in-class instructional, professional development, and family resources for this academic year and beyond. This site is accessible, searchable, and free. Digital DE streamlines access to a variety of digital and online resources to better support educators with instruction in all learning environments. When selecting resources, please work with your district or charter to determine supports that are aligned with your locally established instructional vision.
Resources to support standards-aligned instruction in all learning environments
Professional Learning opportunities focused on developing well-rounded educators
Resources providing support for for educators in engaging students in a variety of learning environments and for systems that are commonly used across the state
Resources for educators to support the implementation of state administered assessments
Resources that support the academic and non-academic needs of the whole child including MTSS, Social Emotional Learning, English Learners, and Students with Disabilities, and more
Resources for families to support students at home
A searchable list of all Digital DE resources in one place

Resource Description
Early Literacy Webpage on Digital DE Information regarding the new early literacy webpage on Digital DE including support for the Universal Screening Process and Early Literacy Intervention resources within DE-MTSS and DE House Bill 304, K-3 High Quality Instructional Materials resources and Early Literacy professional learning opportunities aligned to cognitive science and DE Senate Bill 4.

(Instructional Resources : Instructional Highlights)
Delaware Early Literacy Micro-credentials Information regarding the release of the full compliment of 29 Delaware Early Literacy Micro-credentials

(Instructional Resources : Instructional Highlights)

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