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Explicación del final de 'Fast X': la familia aprende todo sobre el miedo

Editor's note: The following contains spoilers for Fast XIn what is apparently either the beginning of a two-part ending or a concluding trilogy (depending on who you ask) set to conclude The Fast and the Furious saga, Fast X provides more than enough action, death-defying stunts, cheeky humor, and Vin Diesel’s star power to keep longtime fans of the franchise excited and invested. While the promise of “one last ride” was given in the past, the film sets up events clearly intended to end this chapter of the family saga. It’s somewhat incredible that the relatively simple original film from 2001 has spawned such a deep mythology and so many sequels, but The Fast and the Furious fans are beyond dedicated to following all the subplots and recurring characters. While the film itself is packed with reveals and surprises, it ends on a shocking note that certainly teases what’s to come in the next two installments.


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