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The Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University reports that supplementing classroom instruction with high-impact tutoring “leads to substantial learning gains for students.” However, a variety of factors can influence the way educational institutions need to implement tutoring programs. To illustrate how schools or districts can customize a tutoring program to meet their specific needs, FEV Tutor has published a white paper titled “High-Impact Online Tutoring for Academic Success: An Afterschool Implementation.”
The white paper details the implementation model that Manchester School District (MSD) in New Hampshire used for FEV Tutor. The district trialed FEV Tutor’s high-impact online 1:1 tutoring during the Spring of 2022 and expanded its implementations for the 2022-23 school year.
MSD first used FEV Tutor in a four-week summer camp and now uses online tutoring sessions to support students’ math and reading comprehension skills in the district’s afterschool 21st Century Program. In addition, many schools have students participate in tutoring sessions during the school day. “We also found that people wanted to use FEV Tutor for SAT preparation and enrichment, and not just learning loss,” said MSD Assistant Superintendent of Teaching, Learning, and Leading Amy Allen. However, the district is currently prioritizing students with gaps in foundational skills.
“The students in MSD have shown strong signs of learning recovery. We see we’ve made a dent in their learning gaps—particularly for those who are one to two years behind,” said 21st Century Program Director Tom McGee. “We know this is what students need.”
“We have strategic partnerships with K-12 districts nationwide, and it’s our practice to meet with each school or district and develop a data-driven tutoring model that’s flexible enough to accommodate their differing learning models, curriculum goals, and learning standards,” said FEV Tutor Executive Vice President and Co-Founder Ryan Patenaude. “That type of flexibility helps ensure that tutoring services are doing what they’re supposed to do – accelerating learning, closing long-standing learning gaps, and driving continuous improvement.”
“High-Impact Online Tutoring for Academic Success: An Afterschool Implementation” can be downloaded by clicking this link or by going to https://www.fevtutor.com/resources/implementations-white-paper/
About FEV Tutor
FEV Tutor, in partnership with Alpine Investors, is the market-leading 1:1 high-impact online tutoring platform. Since 2010, the Level 2 ESSA research and evidence-based intervention program has a demonstrated track record of success in closing achievement gaps and delivering quality outcomes for K-12 students. With more than 500 district partners in 43 states, the Boston-based company leverages district assessment data from NWEA MAP Growth, Renaissance STAR 360, and iReady assessments to offer customized virtual tutoring sessions that ensures the most impactful outcomes. For more information on FEV Tutor, visit fevtutor.com
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