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Nowadays, it’s practically impossible to get around without owning a smartphone. The convenience of having one is simply unbeatable and it’s really changed how we go through our daily lives. I, for one, love having GPS and not having to print out directions from MapQuest anymore.
Since we look at our phones an average of 46 times per day, why not put a background that brings us a bit of ghoulish delight? After all, looking at a stock wallpaper is…meh. But looking at something from one of our favorite horror movies is something completely different! Plus, it’s a great conversation starter if someone manages to see your background.
So, to help everyone out, I amassed 40 wallpapers for you to peruse and use at your will! Check out the gallery below and enjoy!

Horror Mobile Wallpaper Dump

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‘Scream VI’ Teaser Trailer Brings Ghostface to New York City! [Video]Published
Developer Plot Twist has shared some exclusive concept art for their upcoming Lovecraftian metroidvania The Last Case of Benedict Fox. The game is coming off of its showing at Gamescom last month with a new gameplay trailer, and off of its award for “Most Wanted Xbox Game” during the event.
The art in question offers up glimpses of the world of the dead known in the game as Limbo (and the monsters within), which also showing the various locales of the world of the living you’ll be traversing. That includes the Tatooist, who was revealed in the Gamescom trailer.
The story for The Last Case of Benedict Fox takes place in 1925 Boston, where self-proclaimed detective Benedict Fox must uncover the fate of a family while traversing a dark, eerie world of emotions made manifest while battling the demon trapped inside his own body. You’ll be facing an occult order and demons in tactical and rewarding combat, exploring the realm of the arcane, and unravelling the disturbing secrets of a tragic family.
Fox’s bond with his demon allows him to descend into the consciousness of a deceased person known as the world of Limbo in order to search for clues. However, as Fox discovers more clues, Limbo will shift and become progressively dangerous. Players can use a combination of various objects, environmental surroundings, weapons, and traversal abilities in order to combat their foes.
The Last Case of Benedict Fox is currently in development for a 2023 release on Steam, the Xbox Series, and the Xbox One.
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