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There’s nothing better than watching a horror movie with other people – sharing screams, sneaking snacks, and holding on to your pal for dear life when a well-placed jump scare shakes you to the core.
Actually, there is one thing better than this – watching horror movies alongside hundreds of horror fans, snuggled up in a blanket under the night sky. OH – and you’re in a cemetery.
Since 2002, Cinespia has hosted screenings in the iconic Hollywood Forever Cemetery, showcasing classic and cult entries into all movie genres – but the horror screenings are where they really kill it.

You lucky LA folks can experience the grisly delight of John Carpenter’s classic sci-fi horror The Thing this spooky season on Saturday, October 15th. The Thing celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, so there’s no better time to catch the masterfully tense and terrifying alien feature on a giant screen. Pack a picnic or grab something from Cinespia’s bar and grill (hopefully nothing with tentacles) and join Kurt Russell and crew for the winter holiday from hell.
The following Saturday, you can catch Brian De Palma’s 1976 teen terror, Carrie, a ground-breaking tale of female rage and revenge. Sissy Spacek’s performance as the titular high schooler is one of horror cinema’s all-time best, and the fiery prom scene is sure to warm you up on a cool October evening.

The pièce de résistance, however, comes on Saturday, October 29th, when Cinespia hosts a 30th-anniversary screening of Francis Ford Coppola’s epic ravishing romance, Bram Stoker’s Dracula – and a gorgeously Gothic ball at the Los Angeles Theatre to celebrate.

Cinespia describes the event as:

Dracula is, of course, infamous for its Oscar-winning costume design from Eiko Ishioka, so if you think you can put together a look worthy of Lucy’s approval, grab your tickets here. While costumes aren’t mandatory at the other screenings, they’re certainly encouraged. Free onsite photo booths will let you strike a pose in your cosplay of choice, whether it’s Carrie’s blood-drenched dress or, err, the Spider Head from The Thing (side note: please send me a picture if you do attempt this)
For more information on all the events, check out Cinespia’s website and snap your tickets up quickly, as they’re sure to sell out fast.
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