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The holidays are upon us, once again. The thought of cozying up at home with some hot chocolate, taking strolls through freshly fallen snow, shopping around for the perfect presents, meeting up with the family, and watching romantic holiday movies all come to mind – and if we’re honest, most of us imagine having a boyfriend or husband to do these things with.
After all, these colder months are known as “cuffing season” for a reason. Practically everyone we know is in a relationship, and at every family gathering, we’ll be questioned about our relationship status. So it can often feel like the only way we can fully enjoy the holiday season is by being in a relationship, by having a special someone to share it with.
But single girls have a unique opportunity to make the most of the holiday season, should they choose to seize it. Here’s how you, as a single woman, can enjoy the holidays without feeling caught up in your relationship status.
Most of us will think about all the wonderful couple traditions we’re missing out on over the holiday season – mistletoe kisses, attending parties as an item, snuggling up for a romantic movie night in front of the fireplace, swapping lovey-dovey presents, or baking cookies together.
But who said you have to have a boyfriend in order to start making holiday traditions? As a single girl, you have the opportunity to start coming up with traditions with the people you already have around and love, like your friends. And there’s no time like the present to start these traditions – throw a fun costume party (dressing up as characters from a classic holiday movie), have a cookie decorating contest, make some fancy holiday cocktails together, decorate mini trees, or go caroling together.
It’s understandable to shudder at the thought of showing up at a holiday shindig or New Year’s Eve party without a plus one, surrounded by happy, overly affectionate couples who can’t talk about anything but how they met, how in love they are, and how they’ve already planned summer road trips together. And that’s bound to make anyone who isn’t in a relationship feel like the odd one out.
Try to see any gatherings as an opportunity to have fun with your friends and maybe even meet a single guy. 
So while you might want to stay home instead of going to yet another holiday party that painfully highlights your singleness, and possibly even sulk over your relationship status, try to see any gatherings as an opportunity to have fun with your friends, and maybe even meet a single guy who’s in your same “I’m single but still want to make the most of the holiday season” shoes – you might end up really hitting it off with him.
The holidays always make us all the more aware of what we don’t have, whether that’s a warm and fuzzy family, extra money to buy gifts, or a place to return to that you call home – and if you’re single, a boyfriend is normally the first thing your mind will go to when recounting all that you don’t have (and it doesn’t help if you have a family member that always likes to snidely comment on it, too).
But take your extra time this holiday season as a great opportunity to focus on others – specifically, those in need. Volunteer for a soup kitchen, a homeless shelter, a toy drive, or anything else that is meaningful to you. While you might not have everything you want this holiday season, it’s helpful to step outside your own circumstances and focus on another’s needs.
The holiday season is a challenging time to be single, especially if you wish your relationship status were otherwise. But being single doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the wonder of the season by starting your own traditions (that you can eventually include a boyfriend in!), allowing yourself to get out of the house, and getting in the spirit of the season by volunteering. 
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