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Rising star Jenna Ortega reflects on Ti West’s throwback exploitation slasher X, revealing the gruesome prosthetic she wore during death scene.
Rising star Jenna Ortega reflects on her performance in Ti West's throwback exploitation slasher X, revealing the gruesome prosthetic she wore during the death scene of her character Lorraine. Ortega has been on an unstoppable surge through the ranks of Hollywood's most promising upcoming stars in recent years, appearing in a range of productions from emotional dramas like The Fallout to the incredibly popular Tim Burton take on one of pop culture's kookiest families in Netflix's Wednesday. A key project in Ortega's sweeping growth in popularity was West's nostalgic horror homage X, in which Ortega played the apparently innocent and naive Lorraine as she was thrust into an extremely unforgiving narrative of sex, violence, and religious repression.
Sharing BTS images of her grisly death scene prosthetic on Twitter, Ortega joins in on the amazement of her fans at just how impressively horrendous the gory practical effects from X really were. Lorraine is killed in the film unceremoniously by off-screen shotgun fire, a portion of her face almost entirely blown away by the rampaging villain Howard, leading to the final look Ortega presents in her tweets. Somewhat ironically, Lorraine's death is actually one of the least brutal in X, but the prosthetic that captures the awful effect of the shotgun shell meeting flesh is one of the film's most visceral images. See the images Ortega shared below:
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Despite the chilling aesthetic of Ortega's X prosthetic, the young star's interaction with fans concerning just how impressed she was by the make-up design on the project further emphasizes why her popularity continues to grow so radically. Seeing such a frightful design contorted into relaxed smiles and tongue-in-cheek poses by the star is charming despite the explicit context of the prosthetic's use. Equally, Ortega's willingness to engage with fans and express her own pleasure in so convincingly portraying an eventually mutilated character speaks volumes for her own appreciation of the horror genre and its most playfully wicked features.
Whether it be because she is a fan or her evident talent in capturing horror-oriented characters, Ortega has certainly left a lasting impression as a Scream Queen in 2022. Ortega started the year off by re-introducing Ghostface to a new era in the Scream legacy sequel before going on to team up with West for X. Now, Ortega is capping off a stellar year with her role as Wednesday Addams in the wonderfully spooky Netflix show Wednesday. Ortega has made her growing stardom synonymous with the horror genre and that is set to continue into 2023 with Scream 6.
Ortega's success in the horror genre has highlighted her keen instinct for range and adaptability. Were she to be simply confined to roles as victims, such as X's Lorraine and Scream's Tara, Ortega's year may not have been so impressive. However, at just 20 years of age, to close the year by leading an entire Netflix series on her shoulders with Wednesday, which recently broke a massive Netflix record, perfectly captures a more assertive and gloriously witty protagonist. It's a feat that may be looked back on as a defining factor in what is likely to become an acclaimed career.
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