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This July, Connecticut will follow New Jersey to become the second state in America to mandate the teaching of human-caused climate change theories in school. While much of the state already teaches climate change in classrooms, the new law will require a climate change curriculum for all schools. The measure has left many parents concerned about both the continued influence of left-wing special interest groups in education and the erosion of local control over education policy.
New Jersey’s experience is instructive as to how Connecticut’s law – as well as similar measures being considered in other states – might look in practice.
In Garden State schools, students begin learning about the supposed apocalyptic implications of human-caused climate change as early as kindergarten. In one example of how climate change is taught to young students, as detailed by the Washington Post, third-graders at Lawrenceville Elementary School in central New Jersey read a story called “No Sand in the House!” which tells the tale of a man whose Jersey Shore home is destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Then, students are asked to draw connections between the book and real-life events. The clear implication is that human activity causes natural disasters like hurricanes – a highly contentious notion advanced by many on the political left.
Even Physical Education in New Jersey schools hasn’t escaped doom-and-gloom climate change lesson plans. At Toll Gate Grammar School in Pennington, New Jersey, students are directed to toss balls of yarn representing carbon dioxide molecules to their peers stationed at plastic disks representing forests. In successive rounds of the game, the instructor remove the disks to represent deforestation. At the end, students are unable to move all the balls of yarn to the disks in the allotted time, supposedly representing how “global warming” occurs.
The common thread throughout all of these lesson plans is a determination to indoctrinate children with beliefs about political policies. Not only are the lessons untethered from science, but the political aims themselves are not appropriate for elementary school classrooms.
Many of these lessons are created and provided to teachers by outside groups – many of whom are also lobbying state government to pass laws mandating climate change instruction in the first place.
One of those groups is SubjectToClimate, a nonprofit that provides lesson plans for teachers on climate change. Margaret Wang, the group’s chief operating officer, has stated explicitly that climate change should be a central topic in every educational discipline. “There are elements of math [such as] being able to calculate and grasp its effects over time using statistics and science,” she said. “And there’s art as a way to mobilize collective action.” The latter comment clearly reveals the group’s political goals.
The “Next Generation Science Standards,” which is what New Jersey and Connecticut have based their requirements on, are themselves a product of left-wing activist groups – a fact reflected in sample lesson plans. In one of these lessons, titled “Youth Climate Heroes,” the “heroes” listed are not brilliant young minds or young inventors, but activists and protesters. Another lesson, titled “Gaming and Climate Change,” focuses on teaching kids how to use video games to “bring awareness” to the “climate crisis.” In so many words, the lesson suggests structuring video games around activist heroes and corporate “villains.”
We are already seeing the concerning effects that indoctrination into the left’s climate cult is having on American youth. A comprehensive study published in The Lancet in 2021, for instance, found that children were suffering from high levels of “climate anxiety.” Of 10,000 children surveyed, 59% were “very or extremely worried” about climate change, and a majority said it was negatively affecting their daily lives. 68% further reported feeling sad or anxious about it. Considering the relentless media onslaught forecasting the imminent doom of the human race, these results are hardly surprising.
Parents and community leaders have also raised concerns that state and federal actions are usurping local control over education. Following passage of the Connecticut law, state representative Christine Palm, a Democrat, explicitly stated that she voted in favor of the bill because “I didn’t want local boards of education to have the power to overturn the curriculum.”
If advocates of Connecticut’s new law were actually interested in “solving” the climate crisis, one might think they would be chiefly interested in molding future innovators, engineers, and scientists. Instead, the predominant focus seems to be scaring children into compliance with far-left environmental policies while also inculcating future generations of climate activists. Once again, it seems that it is politics, not science, that is really at the heart of this education fad.
Andrew Abbott is the pen name of a writer and public affairs consultant with over a decade of experience in DC at the intersection of politics and culture.

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Why are we complaining ? We didn’t have to vote for Biden but we did. So live with it.
And , as much as I hate to say it, we will continue to underestimate him and watch him
thrash our ass in 2024.
wait. I thought you had to insert Critical race theology into the school before you could demand
climate change. Lets don’t forget the priorities here. After climate then teach reparations, then
Davos one world govt, then war on women, then legalization of all drugs. Do we have to cram it all
in this year ?
We all can do more to help our environment but there is no climate “crisis”. There are folks who stand to make a lot of money by pushing this “sky is falling” agenda. We need to make changes gradually and the smart way, by not ruining our economy and not being dependent on foreign resources.
So, Biden is a moron who never should have been elected and the media and corporate world should be ashamed at being complicit in trying to destroy the very country that gives them so much. I don’t think the Democratic Party is evil, I think they have a small majority of members that have a completely different goal for America, with a very loud voice who appeal to people who want a guaranteed life provided by other folks that actually work for a living. The biggest problem is the Republican’s are terrible at campaigning and are too nice. Politics is a dirty business, best performed by the Democrats. A government big enough to provide everything you want, is big enough to take everything you have. We are close to that tipping point. WAKE UP AMERICA. And as Margaret Thatcher said, “socialism is great until you run out of other peoples money”.
Education decisions should always be made locally and school boards should be held accountable by the parents.
That’s how it was across the USA till September 1978, when Carter implemented the DUMBING DOWN and INDOCTRINATION by the Department of DUH-macation having the federal government take over the education system.
Got worse under Clinton, then Obama, and now the ultimate nightmare under DICTATOR Beijing biden implementing FULL DUMBING DOWN and INDOCTRINATION so there is only one political party and that is theirs.
That boys and girls is pure socialist/communism taken from the pages of Hitler and Stalin’s playbook.
As I keep saying, when the elites start living in caves and eating berries I will believe they have the courage of their convictions regarding the climate change hoax! Until then, they can pay for all the marxist equity crap they are pushing until their fortunes are depleted; then I will start paying taxes!!!!
Amazing that the Mayan children had an higher I.Q. thousands of years ago than our children today.
The Mayan children were taught math, science, astronomy among other intelligent subjects.
Today, our children are taught nothing except lies and what color you are (like what color you are is more important than learning).
Very sad and such a waste of minds all because of stupidity and lies.
What discoveries our children could have made we will never know.
Such a waste.
These schools are teaching a THEORY, not proven science. And the believers of man-made climate change refuse to tell about the findings of different models by other scientists. Public education today is nothing but a cesspool of leftist ideas, not truth or facts. It is not doing anything to inspire “inquiring minds.” just words on progressive brainwashing which suits the goals of the Davos-type elites who are getting very wealthy off “climate change” and love the idea of automatic world government.
When is the majority of honest American citizens going to realize that TERM LIMITS (for Congresspeople and Exec heads) are becoming increasingly and direly needed if the governance of this Nation is not going to succumb to some brand of Communism.!!???
Commie leftists thrive on inventing and/or exaggerating a crisis appeal to the public! It gives them a coverup for what their taxing and spending goals truly are … as well as recruit a bunchj of gooney brains to do their dirty political work.
We are living in a time where lies are prevalent everywhere. They know if you believe the truth you will not support their lies. So the media, the advertisers, the government, even school teachers are all lying to you so that you will not know the truth. Satan is the father of all lies and the biggest lie is that he does not exist. All truth is within the Bible and soon you will not be allowed to own one. If you are not spreading the truth then you are supporting the lie. Do not support the lies of evil.
Throw it out it should not be allowed. It’s all a sham to make a few people rich.
This whole administration is a genuine Kakistocracy,and I really think that is what is fueling all this nonsense!
They call “climate change” a theory. That is misinformation! A theory is based on facts. So called climate change is a religion–ancient pantheism, void of facts. This foolishness is what takes place in third world countries. When are we going to go back to educating children versus indoctrination?
Oh Great..It’s that time of year again. The Federation of Angry Globalist are meeting in Davos again.
In all their large private jets.
Climate has changed on earth for millions of years….do you really think some cars and plastic bags are going to make a difference?? The earth will shake us off like a bad cold and go back to being the big blue marble plus plastic. The earth isn’t going anywhere!! We are!! Paraphrased from the late great George Carlin. Truth !!
If it weren’t for the continued warming over the past 14,000 years, I would not have been born on the shores of a Great Lake. That man is the cause is a ridiculous notion.
The climate has changed for as long as archaeologists started to tell the earths secrets. We need God back in school, not more climate control freaks. The humans don’t cause climate change, only some humans think so!
Home schooling is looking better and better.
Once again the Davos conference is merely an event for those who perceive themselves as elite
to discuss their dream of one world government. Their problem is that no one cares. When they
finally figure out how to cloak their goal with words of deception ( that’s how change is sold) in
ways that are heard ( ie address congress) the Davos crowd may become a problem.
Davos consists of plotters who are ignored all year other than their 4 days of meetings before or
after their ski trip.
How can you say no one cares, when their strategy is already being implemented on a world-wide basis? Every time Washington politicians and the MSM talk about climate change, they are parroting the talking points that the WEF has crafted for them to use to push their agenda on the public. Take a look at who sits on the Board of Directors of the WEF and you may start to understand the depth of their influence around the globe.
The Europeans have already gutted their reliable energy sources to transition to wind and solar power that can’t meet the demands of any major first world nation. Now you have people freezing in their homes and businesses running at reduced shifts to try and just “get by”, because they refuse to drill for natural gas in most of Europe and nuclear power is not wind or solar power.
In the United States, we not only joined the Paris Accords under Joe Biden, which subjects us to a whole host of costs and changes that serve no practical use but damage our country, but we also passed new legislation last year, in the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, that entails spending $369 billion dollars of OUR money on new regulations and taxes centered around climate change.
The Davos crowd has been a growing threat to the world since the mid 1980s. They used to try and mask their plans and goals using inventive language, Over the last 20 years, they have dropped that pretense and just openly state what they want changed in Davos and then spend the rest of the year going about implementing the agenda.
Sorry, but they are the ones ruling the world. Who do you think created this screwed up government we have now?
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