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Common Core Standards includes a complete list of the Common Core State Standards as well as corresponding documents and appendices, putting all the information available at in an easily accessible app. Browse by grade level and strand, and expand specific anchors to read the full description. Math standards are divided into traditional and integrated paths. ELA is divided into Language Arts, History/Social Studies, and Science & Technical Subjects. Each standard also includes the corresponding College and Career Readiness Anchor Standard. Math is divided into traditional and integrated. Additional resources for math include Math Standards for Practice, a PDF of Appendix A of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, and a math glossary. Additional Resources for Language Arts include the documents “How to Read the Standards,” “College & Career Ready,” and “Key Design Considerations,” and PDFs of Appendix A, B, and C for Common Core Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects. The standards are also searchable by keyword.
Download the free app to have easy access to all the Common Core Standards. Use it when planning individually or with a team. You’ll also be able to easily refer to the CCSS (and search for them quickly, if necessary) in student and parent conferences. Encourage learners to review the standards for their grade level so they’ll know what’s expected of them.
For states and schools that are using CCSS, the Common Core Standards app makes it easy for teachers to browse and search the standards to better understand them and use them to plan relevant lessons and student assessments. You won’t find ideas for lessons or activities linked to the standards, but all the resources on the main CCSS site,, are included in the app, giving clear expectations of what learners need to know and do in math and language arts.
Overall User Consensus About the App
Student Engagement
Free teacher tool is easily accessible, easily navigated, and fully searchable, making planning and aligning with Common Core State Standards convenient for teachers.
Curriculum and Instruction
Depth of content is extensive. Pretty much any information available at the official CCSS site is catalogued and easily searchable in the app.
Customer Support
No help or tutorial is necessary. Teachers can extend their productivity at MasteryConnect, a professional learning community for teachers to share assessments and track student progress.
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