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NASHVILLE, TN – Today, the Tennessee Department of Education continues to celebrate TN ALL Corps throughout the month of September with the launch of the TN ALL Corps District Support Network to provide opportunities for school districts to engage in collaborative learning experiences, share best practices and enhance local tutoring programs. 
“The TN ALL Corps District Support Network is a tremendous opportunity for participating districts to learn from each other and continue enhancing their local programs,” said Commissioner Penny Schwinn. “The network will provide evidence-based strategies and tools to support sustainable programs and ensure our teachers and tutors have what they need to help all our students accelerate their learning.”
In January 2021, Governor Bill Lee convened the Tennessee General Assembly for a special legislative session to pass policies to help mitigate COVID-19 disruptions and support Tennessee students, including the Tennessee Accelerating Literacy and Learning Corps which codified TN ALL Corps into state law.
Throughout the 2022-23 and 2023-24 school years, the network will provide instructional leaders of all the 87 districts participating in TN ALL Corps with supports through regular convenings in each Grand Division of the state, and virtual communities of practice to promote sharing of best practices and regional collaboration through panel discussions, case studies, and joint workshopping. Additionally, the network will provide a series of asynchronous modules that will explore how TN ALL Corps aligns with research-based tutoring and share how to apply learnings within local programming. Module topics will include student selection and placement, content and curriculum usage in tutoring, and data and progress monitoring. 
“As we continue in the critical phase of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear we must implement new and targeted approaches to address student needs and accelerate learning. The TN ALL Corps program provides us the opportunity to increase instructional time for our students who need it the most with high-quality resources and low student-teacher ratios,” said Dr. Annette Tudor, Director of Schools, Bristol City Schools. “I am grateful for the support of the state, our program coordinator, tutors, and all who are committed to making TN ALL Corps effective for students.”
“The Dyer County School System is grateful for the opportunity to provide high quality, low ratio tutoring in our schools," said Cheryl Mathis, Director of Schools, Dyer County Schools. "The support we receive from the State Department of Education as well as all school-based stakeholders allows us to provide students with the necessary support to assist with overcoming the opportunity learning loss that resulted from the pandemic.”  
“TN ALL Corps funding has been vital to our ability to fund teachers for before and after-school tutoring programs for Hamilton County students,” said Dr. Justin Robertson, Director of Schools, Hamilton County Schools. “The funds have also been utilized to provide more materials and training for teachers in grades K-8 so they can better implement small-group instruction and high-dosage tutoring in literacy and math. We look forward to having these funds over the next two school years to expand our tutoring options into the school day and alongside our community partners.” 
“We are very excited to be implementing TN ALL Corps as one of our key strategies for accelerating student learning in literacy and math,” said Dr. Liz Norton, Deputy Superintendent, Knox County Schools. “The tutors we have hired are bringing dynamic energy and focus on student success. We appreciate the support from the Tennessee Department of Education for this valuable work.”  
For more information on the department’s TN ALL Corps program, click here.
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