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NAME – Julie Feucht  
SCHOOL – Fairless Middle School
HIGH SCHOOL ALMA MATER – Fairless High School
COLLEGE – Undergraduate, Muskingum University; graduate school, Ashland University.
FAMILY – Husband, Matthew; and dog Penn.
WHAT SUBJECTS DO YOU TEACH? – Seventh-grade writing.
WHAT IS THE BEST PART OF YOUR JOB? – The best part of my job is passing along a love of literature and writing to students. It’s great to see the excitement on their faces when they improve their skills or discover something new. I feel like I’m passing on my own love of learning, which was instilled in me by great teachers from the past. It is also wonderful when past students contact me to let me know that I made a positive impact on their lives.
WHAT IS THE MOST CHALLENGING PART OF YOUR JOB? – The most challenging part of my job is balancing all the different tasks that come with being a teacher, Power of the Pen adviser, and spelling bee coordinator. There is always something to do, and there’s an art to figuring out what has to be done in the moment and what can be delayed until a later date.  
WHAT SECRET TO SUCCESS WOULD YOU SHARE WITH STUDENTS? – A balanced life is very important. It’s wonderful if you can give 100% to your tasks at school, then relax with family and friends and build relationships. Never forget what is truly important.  
IS TEACHING KIDS THE SAME TODAY AS WHEN YOU FIRST STARTED? – One similarity is that students have a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, and it is important to build relationships with each individual. One difference is that increased access to technology has changed the way students interact with each other.
YOUR STUDENTS WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW … … I really like watching NFL games with my husband, and I am surprisingly passionate about their outcomes. We even re-watch our favorite Super Bowls.  
WHAT IS YOUR HIDDEN TALENT? I predict the Oscars each year. Last year, I was 22-1, and several years ago I won a contest and received DVDs of all the Best Picture nominees. 
IF YOU WEREN’T A TEACHER, YOU’D BE …  … a librarian or work in a bookstore. I have always loved to read.
AFTER A LONG DAY AT WORK, WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO RELAX?  I love to relax by spending time with my husband and our dog.
Connilyn Cross, kindergarten, Alliance Early Learning School – Connilyn transitioned from RTI tutor to classroom teacher after the start of the school year due to increased enrollment in kindergarten. She has handled jumping into a new role with grace and is coachable, persistent, and always willing to go the extra mile. We are thrilled to have Connilyn as part of our AELS family! 
Marcus Lambdin, physical education, Alliance High School – Marcus always steps up to do what is right for our students.  He has a contagious passion when it comes to helping students succeed.   
Jim Sicker, Biology, Honors Biology, AP Biology, Environmental Science, Zoology – Mr. Jim Sicker is a longtime Central Catholic Crusader. He is a graduate of CCHS and has been teaching science and coaching for Central for decades. He is known as a tough teacher, but students know he is a great teacher and fair in his assessments. It’s clear to his students that he loves what he teaches, students say he’s teaching them but it’s clear that he’s just talking about a subject he likes. His passion for education comes through each day and encourages students to do their very best which is likely part of the reason so many Crusaders return after graduation and say that they excel in their college science courses. 
Yvonne Parke, Literacy/Numeracy, Belle Stone – Yvonne gives students the skills, strategies, and confidence they need to be successful by believing in them and teaching them to believe in themselves. She cares deeply for our staff, students, and families. 
Jeff McKelley, Science, BVA 9-12 – Jeff has been a source of quiet but unwavering support for our BVA students. He is our team communicator who writes updates for our parent newsletter and sends out reminders to students. He continuously goes above and beyond to make sure students earn their credits. He will be sorely missed by all when he retires at the end of the year. 
Sarah Peterson – Sarah Peterson was nominated by our Middle School Student Council. Here is what the students had to say about her: Mrs. Peterson is a very kind person. She helps students as well as her fellow colleagues. She makes her students feel welcome and part of the school community. She makes learning fun. 
Julie Feucht, seventh-grade writing – Julie Feucht was nominated by our Middle School Student Council. Here is what the students had to say about her: Mrs. Feucht has a passion for teaching. She gives her students options with their assignments so they have more input in their learning. She goes out of her way to make sure students understand the topic while pushing them to their full potential. She makes her classes fun for her students. 
Jennifer Gooding, Grade 1 – Mrs. Gooding is being nominated because she displays the best qualities of an educator. She is empathetic and patient with her students, while striving to help them reach their fullest potential. She is a role model for her colleagues, collaborating so well and actively listening to their ideas. She brings professionalism, adaptability, and a positive attitude to work each and every day. We are lucky to have her at Amherst! 
Marissa Lolli, Intervention Specialist – Marissa continuously advocates for the needs of her students. She goes above and beyond to ensure learning and growth, build connections and foster relationships with students and families. She is an asset to our community. 
Heath Lambright, high school science – Heath is a lifelong learner who strives to incorporate the best educational practices in his science classroom. After attending a professional development conference this summer, he changed several units in his curriculum in order to impact students even more through the use of hands-on learning and stations at the high school level. 
John Rodesh, Instrumental Music – Hiring new teachers can often prove to be an exciting yet challenging task, particularly when seeking to find someone to replace that teacher who earned almost “legendary” status. John Rodesh is now in his second year as an instructor in the Lake Local School District instrumental music department, and he has no doubt exceeded the expectations to provide engaging and high energy instruction, a willingness to actively collaborate, and a desire to have a long-lasting impact on our students and our school. Mr. Rodesh has quickly earned the praise, admiration, and respect of his colleagues as well as all who are involved in our band program. He is an accomplished musician, exemplary educator, and trusted mentor who is well on his way to meeting the high standards established by his predecessor. 
Kristin Morris, Grade 1 – Kristin Morris is a dedicated first grade teacher who goes above and beyond in the classroom. She strives to meet the needs of each of her students every day, her bond she forms with her students and her students’ families is unmatched. Kristin looks at the positive in each situation and encourages all around her to do the same. She makes learning in the classroom a hands-on experience for all of her students and encourages each and every one of them to think outside the box. Kristin is constantly thinking of others, and will do anything for any staff member, always putting others before herself and going out of her way to make someone’s day. We are lucky to have Kristin on our staff here at Lake Primary. 
Jessica Bellinski, preschool – Jessica Bellinski takes great pride in her lessons and in her classroom creating a great space for students to interact and learn. The activities in Jessica’s room are intentionally planned out and meet the differentiated needs of all of her students. Jessica strives to provide instruction that is developmentally appropriate and incorporates all learning styles. Jessica does an amazing job of meeting students at their readiness level and strives to develop lessons that plan for the whole child. We are very fortunate to have such an amazing instructional leader on our preschool team! 
Jenn Lauter, fourth-grade ELA and Social Studies – Mrs. Jenn Lauter is an exemplary teacher and a tremendous asset to our team at Marlboro Elementary. She is passionate about her students and creating innovative and fun strategies, lessons and projects to help her students learn and feel success in their classroom. 
Chris Locke, math – Chris is a longtime member of the math department at MHS and he teaches Calculus and Pre-Calculus, which are both College Credit Plus courses. In addition to teaching these challenging courses, Chris can always be seen giving extra help to students and tutoring them throughout the day. 
Scott Russell, Intervention Specialist at Minerva Middle School – Mr. Russell may be one of the best educators I have ever been around. His passion for teaching and for his students is unparalleled. Mr. Russell is an outstanding educator in the classroom, but the lessons extend beyond the classroom and into life. His true gift is the connection and relationships he creates with his students. He inspires his students to be the best versions of themselves than they ever thought possible. His positive impact on his students, colleagues, and community cannot be overstated. 
Amanda Bowden, Special Education – East Canton Elementary would like to recognize Mrs. Amanda Bowden as the December Teacher of the Month. Mrs. Bowden faithfully serves as an Intervention Specialist for kindergarten through second-grade students at East Canton. Amanda continually has a smile on her face in the midst of challenging situations. She has a love and compassion for our students and their families that is unmatched. Mrs. Bowden is honest, innovative, and always available to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. Thank you for, Mrs. Bowden, for being a part of our team! 
Josh Clapper, sixth-grade Social Studies – East Canton Middle School would like to recognize Josh Clapper as the December Teacher of the Month. Mr. Clapper is intentional in every aspect of his teaching – from his conversations with students to his way of engaging them to think critically. He builds meaningful connections and makes learning relevant. He prides himself on relationships. When in his classroom, it is evident that his students trust, respect and know that he genuinely cares for them. 
Cynthia Foens, third grade – Cynthia is a dynamic teacher who keeps her students on the edge of their seats ready to learn. She embraces her students and teaching the content with her whole heart. The students, families and staff adore Mrs. Foens. She is the best of the best! 
Jason Herold, third-grade Intervention Specialist – Mr. Jason Herold’s bright smile shines each day at Sandy Valley Elementary! His warm, welcoming, and upbeat demeanor and his positivity are showcased in all that he does. His enthusiasm for teaching is contagious, and he makes learning both fun and rewarding for his students. 
Hannah Armbruster, Art – Miss Hannah Armbruster brings her incredible artistic and creative talents to the classroom. She teaches art with grace and kindness, and gently guides and encourages her students to reach their full potential. 
Jessica Emerick, middle school math – Jessica Emerick is a middle school math teacher who goes above and beyond for STA and the Knights! She does anything that is asked of her in and out of the classroom! She has great classroom management, keeps students engaged, and is always building strong and personal relationships with her students. 
Nick Stanek, high school math/TEALS – Nick Stanek is a high school math teacher who wears many hats at STA. This year, he has taken on the role of teaching a new technology class at STA on Microsoft TEALS. On top of his teaching duties, Mr. Stanek is the athletic director for Aquinas and is currently a boys’ basketball coach. You can find him spending countless hours at school, taking great pride in the Knights, and striving to make it a better place! 
Beth George, first grade – Beth George has been a teacher at St. James Catholic School for 42 years. Beth is currently a first-grade teacher and she loves the close family ties at the school. Throughout her career, Beth wanted to inspire her students to be lifelong learners. St. James will be sad to see Beth retire in January. Outside of school, she is very involved with her home parish and helps with fundraising.


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