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What if the parts of our lives we’ve accepted as normal were totally different? What if dogs had never been domesticated? Or humans had no sense of flavor…what would’ve happened to the spice trade? And how would that have shaped the future of the world? Join CNN’s Chris Cillizza as he speaks with journalists, experts and forward-thinking futurists to help us envision what might have been — and how even a small shift in the status quo could change our world completely.
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College sports is big business in America. Thanks to TV contracts, sponsorships and merchandise deals, the NCAA has grown into a multi-billion dollar brand. And for most of the last century, the league also controlled who had access to those dollars. Until recently, college athletes could not make any money from their talent. Now things are starting to change, which could put the National Collegiate Athletic Association on a path to obsolescence. This week on Downside Up, Chris Cillizza is joined by player rights attorney Tim Nevius, professional tennis player Brittany Collens, and ESPN personalities Jay Bilas and Paul Finebaum to discuss what the world might look like if the NCAA didn’t exist.
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