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For students, first grade is an exciting year. This school year, your child will most likely feel like a “real learner” for the first time, as they are given more independence and less downtime. In first grade, children must learn to sit for longer periods. It is also the first year that most students are expected to complete homework.
Reviewing your state’s academic standards is a simple method to find out what your child is required to understand in first grade. Some necessary abilities, however, are expected to be acquired by the time your child finishes first grade. Let’s take a look at some of the key ideas taught to first graders across the country to help you have a better sense of what your child should learn in first grade.
Reading Ideas
Reading topics are stressed in first grade. According to PBS Parents, “first grade is typically regarded to be the level where youngsters start to read.” Not all children become fluent readers by the end of the first grade, but the majority begin to take strong steps toward fluid reading.” As a result, by the conclusion of the school year, you should expect your child to be able to read many high-frequency words or sight words, as well as grade-level appropriate books.
Concepts for Writing
First graders will learn to write and spell phonetically in addition to reading. They will learn to compose whole sentences with capitalization and punctuation as they learn to sound out words. They will also be able to listen to a narrative and recount it in order (or write it). Students will also start writing their own stories.
Concepts in Mathematics
In the classroom, first graders are also learning basic math principles. Students learn to count to 100, add and subtract two-digit numbers, and write their names. They will learn how to answer word problems using math. This is also the year that learners begin to actively use greater than, less than, and equal to as comparisons. In addition, first graders learn fundamental measurement units and how to count money.
Follow the Instructions
Your kid will spend more time working independently on tasks in first grade. As a result, children must learn to listen and follow orders. In first grade, kids will also have more rules to follow as well as more opportunities to care for themselves.
Personality Traits
First graders are also expected to master important life skills such as the difference between left and right. Your first-grader should also be able to read a clock (analog and digital) and grasp the many ways we measure time by the end of the year (seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years).
While many children still like school at this age, the obstacles of first grade can be enough to turn them against the joys of learning. As a result, parents must continue to assist their children in succeeding both inside and outside of the classroom. And praising achievement is the most effective method to encourage it.
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