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We’re back with another of our desktop and mobile wallpaper guides today, bringing you the best places to find the coolest backgrounds and wallpapers for all of your devices. Scroll down to see all the other cool guides we’ve brought you this week including the best movie wallpapers, video game wallpapers, space wallpapers, and minimalist wallpapers. Today, however, we’re concentrating on sports and we’ve found some fantastic collections for you to use on your electronic devices.

We’re going to cover all the biggest sports in the world from American Football to what the rest of the world calls football but is known as soccer in the US. We’ll also look at Baseball, Basketball and many other great sports. Let’s not waste any more time then, and get into the best sports wallpapers for Windows PCs, Apple Macs, Android smartphones and tablets, and iPhones and iPads.

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We’re starting today’s sports list with basketball. The NBA is the biggest basketball association in the world with all the greatest players donning team vests for NBA teams like the New York Kicks, Utah Jazz, LA Lakers,  Boston Celtics and more. As you’d expect, NBA.COM is a central hub for all things Basketball related in the US. You can do everything there from buying tickets to following live score updates.
What we’re interested in today, however, are the sports backgrounds you find via the team pages. Most NBA team pages have official basketball wallpapers that you can download and use for free. These are professionally produced backgrounds that look fantastic. To access them you need to click the Teams option in the menu that runs across the top of the page. From there, select your team in the menu down the left side of the page and then click the Team website option over on the right side of the page. When you’re there, you need to search for the Fans or Community sections in the menu that runs across the top of the page. If your team has an official Wallpapers section, this is where you’ll find it.

FIFA is the world governing body for soccer or football as it known all around the world. FIFA is responsible for setting the laws of the game that other football associations then follow and also decides who will host the World Cup. If you’re interested in learning more about football, the FIFA website is a great place to go. You’ll also find an excellent library of photos that would be perfect as a desktop or mobile wallpapers. You’ll find live-action shots from the biggest football tournaments all around the world as well as cool and interesting images from behind the scenes. This is a really interesting place to search out sports wallpapers for your devices.

Unsplash has made it into more than one of our wallpaper lists this week because it offers a broad range of fantastic images across a wide range of topics and themes. It makes it into today’s list of places to find HD sports wallpapers though, because of how well organized and laid out all its sports categories are. Sure, you’ll find breathtakingly cool images from the big sports here, but you’ll also get dedicated libraries of HD and Ultra HD 4K images for sports like Volleyball, Running, Cycling, Climbing, Track, and even Archery. On top of that, what you’ll find with Unsplash is that the images will have an all-round different style and tone to what you’ll find elsewhere. These are trendy photos taken by photographers at the top of their game.

If you’re a football fan, then Wallpaper NFL is a great place to go to search out some high-quality images to set as a football wallpaper. You’ll find over 42 pages of HD desktop wallpapers, but you’ll also be able to search via a handy search bar at the top of the page and also browse through different categories that you’ll find at the bottom of the page. In reality, these categories are rather simple, but you will be able to browse through different wallpapers and backgrounds for each of the major NFL teams as well as backgrounds optimized for certain types of smartphones. The wallpapers here are good too and have clearly been made with a high level of design and care.

If you’re a baseball fan, you’ll likely already be familiar with MLB.COM. The site performs the same function for baseball in the US as the NBA site we’ve already mentioned does for basketball. In that respect then, we want to point out that that you can find team specific wallpapers for MLB teams in exactly the same way you can for NBA teams at NBA.COM. The only difference here is that when you get to the individual Teams page, you’ll need to look for the ellipsis icon ) three vertical dots in the menu that runs across the top of the page. When you click that icon, you’ll open a drop-down menu, which will contain the Fans section where you will find all the wallpapers and screensavers attached to that particular team.

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